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Ecology is the science of how all the elements of
our world and beyond~work together to create a beautiful and healty world.

Trees for Climate Justice. Girl speakers advocating tree planting.


These girls are speakers and activists for  planting trees to maintain the health of our planet earth.


No one is to young or too old to be an ecologist. In fact this site will focus on some of the great contributions of kids and teens to ecology. If you are a kid or a teen, share these with adults. If you are adult share these contributions with kids and teens. Together we can make agreat difference in our  world


Children’s Art Teaches Ecology Lessons

Kids ecologlica art exhibits

Rain Water Poster, Kids' Ecology Art

Penelope Torribio on the Irawaddy RiverPenelope Torribio was teaching teens and kids in danger to themselves in a residential settings.   She was looking for ways to make a different in her students lives and decided to use the theme of ecology to reach and teacher her students.  Combining ecology with artful activities had amazing results. To find out more please click on the menu and go to: puppetry, music, photography, video production, writing, storytelling, drawing and community gardening.

The other key to reaching and teacher her students was to show them that they could truly make a difference in this world.  A major tool for this  was reading articles and stories about kids and teens who had become leader, inventors, and activist.  I hope you will find inspiration in the blog section of 1 World Kids Ecology, which have many inspiring stories of kids and teens helping our planet Earth.